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Cupid and Psyche - Ballet Music

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Cupid and Psyche - Individual Movements

  1. Castle and Royal Dances
  2. Servant's Dance
  3. The Wrath of Venus
  4. Cupid Falls for Psyche
  5. Interlude
  6. Apollo's Dance
  7. Elergy and Procession
  8. Psyche and Zephyr
  9. Palace Fantasy
  10. Jealous Sisters
  11. Grand Valse
  12. Hot Oil!
  13. Temple of Venus
  14. Three Tasks
  15. Underworld Journey
  16. Cupid Rescues Psyche
  17. Meeting with Jupiter
  18. Fanfare and Marriage
  19. Celebration of the Gods
  20. Party Continues

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Cupid and Psyche - a ballet
Music Composed by Andrew Grainger
Recorded and produced by Andrew Grainger
Virtual Orchestra by Vienna Symphonic Library and Cinesamples
Mastered by Jessica Thompson at Coast Mastering, San Francisco

Story adapted by Andrew Grainger from ‘The Story of Cupid and Psyche’
from the book ‘The Golden Ass’ or ‘Metamorphoses’ by Apuleius

Movie presentation created by Andrew Grainger

© 2023 Andrew Grainger Music